Bara Lite – Just a little

My name is Sussie and I do my very best to make life just a litte (bara lite) bit easier. Easier for me and all the people around me.
I have had an idea for several years to build a workplace for those who have a hard time getting a job. Disabilities, jail time, work training after being sick or what ever happend.
I got help to get back when I had so severe Ptsd I did not dare even to look at people.
Now I hope I can give the same space for others.
I’m just getting started and this is one of the ways I go about it.
For just over two years now I’ve been makeing my own soaps and sold them on the internet. We moved last year and now I have a small cottage where I’m going to open a store this summer. There will be soap for sure. But also other things. It’s the start for me to stand on my own. I have a lot of ideas what to do next. I am going to need more people and the plan is to give people who are where I was a chance to come back.
You will find clothing here and I’ll write about the progress here.
Take care of yourself and those around you! <3


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